Super Junior perform "Boom boom" and "Bonamana" at Inkigayo

Super Junior perform 'Boom boom' and 'Bonamana' at Inkigayo | Live performance
Super Junior performed "Boom boom" and "Bonamana" on Inkigayo, to show chicks that they're grown ass men now. They flashed 6-packs, flicked hair, hip thrusted and threw a rose into the crowd and everything! I'm sure a chick passed out in the audience somewhere during it all.

"Boom boom" is garbage. And unless the song is re-arranged from top to bottom, and there are cheerleaders doing flips and shit in the background as sparks and pyrotechnics go off; no performance of the song is going to make me like it. "Boom boom" is doo-doo.

Now, "Bonamana". The effects on the mics was unnecessary. Only because the album version features vocoding and auto tune, it doesn't mean this has to be emulated in the live performance. At least the final half of the performance stopped with the nonsense and we got to hear some actual vocals. The performance itself was strong though. The dancing looked much more dynamic live than it does in the music video, as was the case with "Sorry, sorry". And the boys marked the hell out of that floor too. Black marks all over that shit like BMX'ers took to it.

Kyuhyun continues to surprise me and go from strength to strength. Dude was swaggin' in this performance. And I was surprised that he did his little dance section with Donghae, Eunhyuk and Shindong; given he is one of the weakest dancers in the group and those guys are 3 of the strongest.