Usher and Justin Bieber need "Somebody to love"

Usher and Justin Bieber on the set of 'Somebody to love'
Justin Bieber's next single is "Somebody to love". But the single version will feature Usher. "Somebody to love" was a song that immediately stuck out to me on My world 2.0. But as much as I want to like it, I just can't. Because as hot as the beat is, Justin's voice sounds so flat and weak on the song it near ruins it.

Usher having a verse on it adds a slick touch to the song. Almost too much so to the point where he shits on Justin Bieber's attempt at getting some shine. It's a shame Usher didn't keep the song for himself as it was originally intended for him. In fact, it's a shame Usher didn't get most of Beiber's material, because what Justin put out for My worlds shits all over Raymond v. Raymond. I can't even lie about listening to Justin's music. "Favourite girl" was getting some serious plays a while back (I urge fans of Brandy's Human to check it out, as it has a similar vibe to "The definition"). And the left over track "Pick me" is all kinds of club banging crack. Why that did not make an album, I do not know.

The music video for "Somebody to love" is set to drop real soon, and was directed by Dave Meyers: who is notable for directing pretty much every single one of P!nk's music videos, and near enough all of Missy Elliott's from "Get ur freak on" onwards.