Usher performs "OMG" on Oprah

Live performance: Usher performs 'OMG' on Oprah
"OMG" has nabbed Usher a #1 hit on both sides of the Atlantic. I think the song is whack with a capital W in italic bold. But it was always going to be a commercial hit. Ursh sold the song nicely with his performance of it on Oprah. He made me wanna go and buy a copy of the song for a split second.

Say what you will about Usher and the mess that is Raymond v Raymond, but his live game is still pimp hand strong. He had me hooping and hollering at the screen and reaching out to grab them glasses he threw at Oprah.

"OMG" is my guilty pleasure. It's garbage. I know it's garbage. You know it's garbage. Even Usher knows it's garbage. But it never fails to get everybody moving in the club. I hate the song. But when it drops in the club, I'm in the middle of the floor acting a complete fool each and every time. I have to thank the song for having me switch up the moves on the floor; as I'm now partial to a bit of popping because of it.


  1. The song is so awful, it prevented me from enjoying this performance. Which really, wasn't that great until the end when the extra dancers hit the stage. The energy was pretty hype by then.

    But my goodness, the song is terrible.

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