2 live crew smell like a hoochie mama's ass crack at the VH1's Hip hop honors

2 live crew perform at VH1's Hip hop honors: The dirty south | Live performance
Whenever TV networks do these tribute shows, it's often just a spectacle for artists who were once-upon-a-time hot to come out and show the world how rusty they've gotten. First Missy comes out with a weave that looks like a dead fox on the side of her head, a tracksuit from 1996 and some extra weight. And now 2 live crew show how good they are at failing to keep up with a backing track and walk across a stage without running out of breath. I'm shaking my head so much, I may as well be dutty whinin'.

What the f**k happened to 2 live crew!? They weren't even able to keep up with the backing track or remember half the words! I used to LOVE these n***a's. The way they used to disrespect women was terrible, but they did it to good beats. "Hoochie mama" was my shit! Too bad they tainted that song to hell with this performance.

Whenever their songs came on The Box and MTV, I used to chuck in a VHS and press record. Their videos was the closest thing a kid could get to porn with 808's and bangin' beats before Internet, broadband and YouTube mash-up's took off.

I can't believe how bad these guys were. Seriously. Jermaine Dupri and his crews' expression echoed my sentiments perfectly. Especially the n***a on the right.

Jermaine Dupri and co are NOT impressed.At least 2 live crew left behind a legacy of women disrespecting hood bangers to remember. Because this performance had their futures look real bleak on the music front.


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