2NE1's Dara and Big Bang's Taeyang shot together

Dara & Taeyang on the music video set | Snapped
Dara can't sing for shit. But she's so damn photogenic. It doesn't matter whether she snaps herself on her cellphone with no make-up on or she's overly done for a photoshoot - Dara always manages to look seven shades of hot.

She seems to be making her way through the Big bang boys. She's cut a song with G-Dragon, has already shot a video with T.O.P and will now shoot one with group crooner Taeyang. I won't jump to conclusions and say she's f**king each member of Big Bang. Although it'd be kinda cool if she was.

Photo of Sandara Park and TaeYang at new MV filming revealed! @ Omona they didn't!


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