Adidas originals x Star Wars

This is one of the coolest promotional campaigns Adidas have done, and they've done some pretty amazing ones in the past...

Adidas have monay! Not only did they rope in big names, but the roped in the biggest of all: Star Wars. I thought seeing three stripe threads in Cantina would bastardize the whole thing, but it was actually pretty cool. In fact, it was pretty f**king awesome! David Beckham speaking did kill the moment though. That dude should not be allowed to speak. No matter how good that guy looks, the second he opens his mouth it goes out the window.

Ciara was in this commercial. But if you blink, you'll miss her. That's Ciara for you. Unless she's poppin her p***y you don't notice her for shit.


  1. LOL, you're right, that dude should have never spoken. How can you **** up two words? But he managed to do it.

    And daaaaamn, I did blink and almost missed Ciara. I'm not even bull shittin'! Really cool commercial though, and Snoop was kind of funny.

  2. If I hadn't seen Ciara's name in the comments section on YouTube, I wouldn't have known she was in the clip at ALL *lol* After reading she featured in this I had to watch it again and watch it CAREFULLY to catch her. Like I said, if she ain't p-poppin' = wallpaper.

  3. She might as well not even been there. She popped out for all of 1 second, if that.

  4. She was just some Tatooine ho in a bar as far as I was concerned.

  5. LOL whare is Ciara?!? X_X i LOVE Star Wars!!!!!
    This was so cool & yeah Snoop was so funny but David needs to have a shave and shut his mouth lol
    Do they even show these ads in the UK? i never see them oh we did have to analyse the way men were represented in the 2009 Adidas as in my Media exam 2day though :P lol (Estelle should NOT have been in that ad) #JustSaying


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