Alicia performs a song for Mashonda on Britian's got talent"

Alicia performs 'Try sleeping with a broken heart' at Britain's got talent | Live performance
Alicia appeared on Britain's got talent, where she performed "Try sleeping with a broken heart" - rocking a dress that did not hide the baby bump for shit. I swear, at times when the light caught her stomach I could see the damn baby. Alicia is rocking pregnancy nicely though. She got through most of this performance standing. But give it another two months and this chick will have her arse sat at a piano all day, errrnight. I guess that's "Put in a love song" on definite hold. How the hell is she going to p***y pop, squat with her legs open and slow grind to that shit live when she's pregnant!? I know Beyoncé would find a way if she were pregnant, but I can't see Alicia doing the same.

I always love hearing Alicia perform this song live. She always makes subtle changes to song each time that she does, ensuring that it never gets old. At least not for me. "Try sleeping with a broken heart" is one of my favourites from Alicia. The song is forever bangin'.


  1. ciara is the sexiest woman alive. she has 50 million views on

  2. Looks like Ciara's label finally paid up for promo in the form of @Anonymous lol

    SWING that ponytail Alecia lmao
    Serious J you can't talk about Alicia pussy poppin when she's pregnant you just made me imagine that baby falling out and bumping it's head X_X lmao

    Also didn't Mashonda steal Swizz from annother woman in the first place? lol
    Why Akicia he isn't even good looking lol.....


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