Beyoncé be stylin' (like an 80's laundry pile)

Beyoncé leaves the club looking like Debbie Harry's laundry pile | Photo taken by Ryan Turgeon for Splash news
Some ginger haired nutcase e-pressured me into commenting on a picture of Beyoncé, so I will. I think she looks nice. Okay, so that's a lie.

She's wearing that Deréon trash to keep her Mama on the payroll ('cause ain't nobody else buying that garbage) and every single thing on the Deréon range looks like arse - so she can only look so good. But what she's wearing isn't that bad. It's how shot she looks in her face and that weave that's killing the look. Okay...and maybe wearing Jay-Z's cut off's and having them sat stupidly high on her waist. Fine!! So this look plain sucks balls! If she'd just thrown on some black skinny jeans and had the hair and make-up looking like somebody gave a little bit of a shit, she would have looked bangin'.

I was going to say "If The Forehead wore this..." but I won't. Because her stylist would not have had The Forehead walk out wearing this. But she'd make damn sure somebody at least ran a hot comb through that hair, and that the make-up was either on point or that she was rocking shades if she did. Plus, The Forehead has that model swagger which let's her wear any old thing and still look half decent; whether it's some random ass poncho from a swap meet, Ronald McDonald's pressed lace-front, a novelty Road runner quiff, or a black eye and a swollen lip.

I'm kinda happy Beyoncé is at least trying to be a little out there with the style, because her fashion is so f**king boring and lacks any character. I think that's why I don't hate this shit. It shows a bit of her character, which let's face it: chick has been lacking since "No, no, no (Part 2)".

I really am fixing for a new Beyoncé album now. I'm ready for her to shut that game down and show bitches how to hustle for them first week sales, and how you pick up that slack when a single is bombing. Christina needs to be taking notes for when B'day comes around. And I hope she takes Beyoncé's name out the side of her mouth when it does. (But she probably won't).


  1. When I first saw this I wasn't convinced it was Beyonce. That just looks off. And kind of manly like. I don't know.

    And lmao @ being e-pressured.

  2. " Yeah I'm wasted, what up!"^_^


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