Beyoncé chillin'

Beyoncé - Dangerously bored | 'shopped by J ;P
Beyoncé was spotted at the French open with her husband looking bored stiff, fed-up and like she's about to cut the bitch who took this photo.

This sour ass face of Beyoncé's (which I love by the way) is the exact same face I was pulling when I last went to see Beyoncé live and she performed "Dangerously in love". Bitch hung onto that last note like a Koala from a branch. The final note of the song was longer than the actual song itself. I was ready to dive from my balcony seat and kill myself. I really was not in the mood to listen to her prove she can sing. She already proved that shit to everybody an hour ago. Now you want to bore me to death hanging onto a note from a song that was dry on your first solo album (Survivor), and dry when you tried to re-hash it for your official solo album of the same name? Siddown.

I'm beginning to get that itch for some new Beyoncé. Because Lord knows Christina Aguilera didn't bring it how I wanted it for Bionic. So I'm looking to the next popular chick in the game with vocals who is due a new album: The Beyondroid that is Beyoncé Knowles. I just hope she comes correct and drops a classic. And NO Dangerously in love was no classic. It was a 17 track sedative. Her albums always have a handful of killer tracks, but are pretty crappy as a whole. And the one song she should release as a single, never gets dropped. I know for a fact every person who bought B'Day is still pissed "Upgrade U" wasn't made a single. And don't get me started on "Radio" and "Smash into you" from I am... Sasha Fierce.


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