Bom gets her slim ass snapped

Bom's slim me2day snap [image courtesy of 2NE1 fansite] | Photo
Bom updated her Me2day (the Korean equivalent of Facebook meets Twitter) with this picture, and posted that 2NE1 maknae Minzy just happened to take the picture. Of course she's lying. Don't nobody look this good and pose this nice in a picture that's spontaneously taken. This shit looks like something out of FHM.

Bom has been on some bullshit lettuce diet in a bid to lose weight. I never once thought Bom needed to go on a diet. Her figure looked just fine to me. But at least she didn't over do it and go Girls' generation skinny. I swear, them girls need to have somebody catch them from behind and DDT each one of them face first into a deep pan pizza loaded with cheese. The only member of the group who looks like they eat regularly is Sunny. Every other chick looks borderline anorexic.

This crazy ass diet of Bom's has sparked speculation that it may be in preparation for a 2NE1 comeback. I just hope that by losing weight, she's some how gained some swagger. Because Bom was about as interesting to watch as a dead fly on a windowsill.

Park Bom shows off her slim figure @ 2NE1 fansite


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