Bonus material: Christina Aguilera - You lost me (Radio mix)

Christina Aguilera - You lost me (Radio mix) | Remix (Radio mix)
So I guess Christina Aguilera's "You lost me" is set to be Bionic's next single. Although the version being serviced to radio sounds a little different. It's not a full on remix as such. But it's certainly not the album version...

Listen: You lost me (Radio mix)

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The changes are enough for you to notice, but they aren't so drastic that they ruin the song or really make it better. If I were to chose my version of preference, I'd go with the album version. I just love the genuine throwback 60's feel it has, something which this radio mix masks a fair amount of with its extra bounce and additional synth work. It's a good look for radio though. And of course, it's entirely up to the person spinning the tracks on air which version they play.

It would be a good move if when the video gets shot, it gets edited to both versions of the song too.

I'd thank the person who informed me of "You lost me"'s new mix, but they did so anonymously. Tut-tut-tut! You know who you are though, so thank you!


  1. It was me lol..I love your blog! Keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks Anonymous!! *waves* :P


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