Bonus material: Kylie Minogue - Mighty rivers & Heartstrings

Kylie Minogue - Mighty rivers & Heartstrings | Bonus tracks
Kylie Minogue had worked with Xenomania for her Aphrodite album. 5 years ago they would have given Kylie magic. But now they give her lifeless drivel that are barely good enough to be bonus tracks.

Listen: Mighty rivers

Listen: Heartstrings

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"Mighty rivers" is alright. "Heartstrings" stinks like Tila Tequila's breath.

I used to love Brian Higgins and his Xenomania crew. Ever since their earlier work with the Sugababes I'd been a fan. Even some of their work with Girls aloud was amazing, spawning pop gems such as "Sound of the underground", "The show", "Wake me up" and "Biology". But Xenomania's sound is such a mess now. All of their stuff sounds the same and has the artists singing as though they're sedated with an IV drip in a wheelchair.

When you listen to Aphrodite and then listen to "Mighty rivers" and "Heartstrings", you can hear why they were relegated to bonus tracks. They wouldn't have sat nicely within the album at all. "Mighty rivers" is at least decent enough to warrant Kylie performing it on her upcoming tour, and chances are she probabaly will. It'd act as a nice song to slow things down with.


  1. I actually think "Mighty Rivers" is amazing, it gives me the same kind of vibe as that Australian band Empire Of The Sun it's cool.
    "Heart Strings" is "ok" but yeah it's not really working out for Xenomania lately even Mini Viva got dropped by their label and they were meant to be Xenomania's new thing since Hoes Aloud are out of action for as long as Cheryl can fuck for tracks and mime in NaStY military inspired clothes...


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