Bonus material: M.I.A featuring Jay-Z - XXXO (Remix)

M.I.A featuring Jay-Z - XXXO | Remix
When I saw there was a remix for "XXXO", I flipped out. I love the hell out of this song, and the thought of Jay-Z on the beat to it kinda blew my mind. Two words. He. Delivers.

Listen: XXXO

© 2010 XL recordings / Interscope records

Jay-Z's verse is killer. I love that flow. He made a hot song even hotter.

M.I.A's music video for "XXXO" will be directed by Hype Williams. Hype Williams videos have been sucking ever since Dave Meyers came onto the scene and he hasn't been able to take that d**k out of his mouth since. The only decent video of his I can recall over the past couple of years is Kanye West's "Heartless". Everything else of his has been so week and nothing like his bold signature style back in the day, where his music videos pretty much defined Hip-hop visually for a good while. Hopefully M.I.A can get something good out of him.


  1. FUTURESTARdelux12 June 2010 at 01:11

    YES!!! i seriously LOVE XXXO & most of MIA's stuff in general. Jay on this is great but Hype better not screw her over like he did with XTina.


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