Bonus material: MiChi - Strong man

MiChi - Strong man | B-side
MiChi drops a collabo with The Telephones and shoves a B-side onto the release which is better than the A-side! Figures. Here's MiChi's plea for a "Strong man". No pussies allowed!

Listen: Strong man

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I don't even know I bother when it comes to MiChi, because every song she drops is just hot to me. "All about the girls ~Iijyanka party people~" is still my pop song of 2010. Bitches is going to have to come with some super correctness within the next 5 months to budge it.

Every song MiChi's done since wrapping up her Up to you album has been gold. And despite none of them being all that far removed from what she delved into for her debut album, the songs have such catchy hooks and tight production that you just can't deny the magic of them.

MiChi is signed to the same label as Crystal Kay (of whom she's friends with) and seems to be suffering the same gift and curse effect as a result. The gift of being a genuine talent with an A&R squad who do not play when it cones to putting her in the hands of great producers and forming solid albums. But the curse of being signed to a label who don't ever seem to milk the promotional wagon to get those big record sales.

MiChi's debut (for me) was one of the best albums of last year. So I can't wait for her follow up which could see a release by the end of the year.

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