The Cali gurl represents at the 2010 MTV movie awards

Katy Perry performs 'California gurls' at the 2010 MTV movie awards | Live performance
Cali gurl Katy Perry brought so much damn colour to the stage that I thought I was watching alive stage show of Super Mario in Vegas...with raining skittles!

A bitch shut it down the second she came down on a floating surf board. At least that's what I thought until I watched the whole thing through. This performance was okay. Katy looked hot and the stage looked fly. But her lack of dancing is what did it for me. She was standing in the middle of all the backing dancers doing nothing. Why?

If anybody is still in doubt of this song's potential to top charts, I'm not sure what it's going to take to convince you. Katy has another hit in the bag. And I will not lie: I stepped the hell out of this song in the club last week. And there were actually California girls on the floor too! Or so they said. They could have been lying ass bitches.


  1. Seeing that stupid Paris Hilton makes me want to throw old meat at her.


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