Charice performs "In this song" on Live with Regis & Kelly

Charice performs 'In this song' on Regis & Kelly | Live performance
The Philippines need to stand up. Because their girl Charice is out there representing! She hit up Live with Regis & Kelly to perform a song off of her debut album. She even had the legendary David Foster on piano. That right there is some credentials. Because David don't write songs and play piano for just anybody, and he sho' as hell ain't cheap.

Charice's vocals are the real deal. It's a shame she didn't perform "Pyramid", because I really do like that song. It could have been a hit if Charice had been pushed more than just than just that little girl with the big voice. It sucks that the likes of Justin Bieber are able to get legions of fans, whilst youngsters with serious singing talent like Charice struggle. She probably won't stay in the game for long unless she turns into a complete ho and sluts it up for album number two. She best start putting moves on David Foster from now. Vocals alone aren't enough. Just ask Christina. (Aguilera, not that wayside chick Milian). Sometimes you have to act a skank for some record sales.


  1. If it makes you feel any better, Charice's 2nd single is actually a dance hit R&B number that will feature a rapper.

    David Foster & Warner Brothers want Charice to bag a top 30 hit single and they'll do anything.

  2. No doubt her stint on Glee is going to help her in a big way too. Possibly the biggest of ways.


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