Christina acts dirrty and throws a sweet into the crowd

Christina at The today show | Live performance
Before Christina began her performance of "You lost me" on The today show, she took what looked like a sweet out of her mouth and threw it over the heads of those in the crowd. I guess the guy on Christina's payroll who usually stands by her side and opens his hands as she spits stuff into it was busy at home looking after Max.

The comment on the YouTube video mentions she threw what was in her mouth to one of her people who caught it. And if you look carefully it does look as though somebody crew-like does indeed catch what Christina threw and then briskly make off. I hope it was somebody crew-like and not some nasty fan who will keep that shit.

I still would have thrown a copy of Bionic in her face after seeing that though, because I'm horrible like that. Throwing shit that's been in your mouth over my head?! No. I would've made her catch a copy of Bionic in the face. Frisbee's is all that album is good for. That and drinks coasters. Great performance though. I'm getting tired of banging on about how Christina needs to release "You lost me" a single, but she really does.

Watch a bitch: Christina empties her mouth and then goes to town on "You lost me"


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