Christina belts the National anthem at an NBA finals game

Christina performs the National anthem at the NBA finals | Live performance
The US national anthem as we all know is a free pass for females to try and go all out with stretching out every note as long as possible and trying to cram as many notes across an octave scales into a two syllable word as possible. So, I was a little weary of Aguilera: the crime offender for over-singing performing it. But she did a great job. She looked nice doing it too!

She did a great job. She made belting the "Star spangled banner" look easy - which we all know it isn't. Just hit YouTube to see how many chicks have f**ked that shit up over the years. Or holla at Keri Hilson on Twitter. She probably won't remember though. Just like how she couldn't remember the lyrics when she sang it.


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