Christina performs "You lost me" on Letterman

Christina Aguilera on Letterman | Live performance
This chick as usually colder than her ice she wears on her fingers. But she was rather warm and pleasant on Letterman. She always seems to open up the second her son gets mentioned, which is a sign she's not the giant block of sex ice that we think she is.

I'm patchy about Bionic's music (I hate it) and Christina's recent interviews (she's like an ice queen), but the looks are always on point! Once again she kept her shit in line with Bionic's album cover with the hair. I'll always love how Christina keeps her looks conceptually tied with her albums. It's such a small detail, but a really cool one that I always take note of.

Christina gave a stunning performance of the song that really needs to be a single: "You lost me", which you can catch after the interview below...



If Chrissy doesn't make "You lost me" a single, then Bionic deserves to flop. As much as many of us want her to go for "Woohoo" and "Desnudate" - I think it might be a song like "You lost me" that could really help her the most. Her performances of "Not myself tonight" are hit and miss. But "You lost me" always hits on the target, and does what it's supposed to: remind everybody that she's got one hell of a voice. You're so focused on how good she sounds that you're not even thinking about how crap "Not myself tonight" was or the 'Gaga comparisons'. Her label need to put out "Woohoo" quickly for the Summer and then drop "You lost me" before it gets too old. Or they could always double A-side the two. A Summer ballad and a Summer banager would be a pretty cool. Certainly couldn't make a situation any worse.


  1. FUTURESTARdelux10 June 2010 at 16:54

    I agree her interviews are usually boring (hats, babies & playfulness) this one was more bearable though lol
    As usual her performance was fantastic and she looked great though.

    p.s LOVE the new banner! i love itr when you got CK up there! lol ^_^

  2. J, you have to remember the pattern Christina's management always follows. You get all the sexy stomper songs out in the summer, and then you follow with the traditional soulful winter ballad. It's how she's always done it. But if they release Lift Me Up instead of this, I swear I'm gonna get ninja on someone's ass.

  3. @ Sylfi
    I know, I know... But I just cannot believe her label went with "Not myself tonight" when "Woohoo" and "Desnudate" are such stronger contenders for a lead singles. *shakes head*


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