Christina's flashing p***y at the 2010 MTV movie awards

Christina performs a medley at the 2010 MTV movie awards | Live performance
Christina's anticipated MTV movie awards performance hit a bum note with me. She looked great. Gave the perfect amount of sluttiness. And performed three songs from her new album. So why did this hit a bum note with me?

The performance was aight. But she savagely cut down good songs. Just as I was getting into "Bionic", in comes "Not myself tonight" - which despite being a whack ass song was doing it for me in this performance. "Not myself tonight" gets poppin' and then in comes "Woohoo". Then a few seconds after that, her p***y flashes and it's over. I guess the medley served its purpose - giving those who are yet to hear the album a taste of it. (Although given the album has been on the Internet for 2 weeks, I'd be hard pressed to find somebody who hasn't). But rather than leave me wanting more, I just felt like Wow, is that it? Christina looked good though. But I'm still not feelin' that album, and it's looking like nobody is checking for "Not myself tonight". She needs to double A-side "Woohoo" with "Desnudate" and drop videos for both songs by next week.


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