Crystal Kay chats with Music LTD

Crystal Kay's interview with Music LTD
I damn near fainted when fellow Crystal Kay fan TeaPaRK dropped me a link to a new Crystal Kay interview. You'd think she barely does interviews with how few of them you can find. I swear, if it wasn't for Crystal's blog and her Twitter, you'd swear she does NOTHING and that she's as good as dead inbetween albums. So it really does feel like a special day when an interview of CK's drops. Even if not much is ever revealed.

Japan's interviews with stars tend to be boring, avoid digging and are dirt free; unless they're conducted on a variety style show with some crazy ass host. A far shy from the the US and the UK, where tabloids and magazines come with free dirty drawers as bookmarks.

Crystal's sit down with Music LTD revealed some tidbits such as...
  • She likes the song "Flash"
  • She loves Michael Jackson
  • She covered his song "Happy" on her Flash mini-album in tribute to him, because he is one of the main reasons she wanted to sing and become a star
  • She really likes the song "Flash"
  • She idolizes Madonna. And after watching her Crusty & sour tour see's her as the ideal.
  • The song "I pray" which features on Flash is a song Crystal wrote herself. And the song is about hoping for the well being of friends she had during her childhood who all went their separate ways.
I can't wait to hear "Flash" in full and see the music video. I hope Crystal put in the work in that dance studio. Because I really am going to need to her squat, drop to her knees and just go to town. You know what J goes for like a moth to a flame: PP and WT. Nothing but.

Thanks again to TeaPaRK for the linkage. You're a star!



  2. just counting down the days till flash.. lol agree with u j crystal kay is looking stunning shes really filled out, just hoping for sum grinding on the dance floor with this track..

  3. LOL @ Anonymous....

    Ck is looking GOOOOOOOOD love the hair! she could thrash that around and then some lol
    Nothing i didn't already know in the interview but at least she did one lol
    "Crusty & Sour tour" ROFL Ma(n)donna needs to just.... close her body builder legs lol
    Can't wait for Flash & i hope the video is hot too! :)


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