Crystal Kay's debut performance of her Flash joint "I pray"

Crystal's televised performance of 'I pray' | Live performance
Crystal performed the song "I pray" off of Flash for the first time in a televised performance. An odd choice of song given she should have been flashing her hot ass body and wolkin' it the f**k out to "Flash" with her Rain look alike. But she delivered a great performance none-the-less. And it's just good to finally have a new live performance from her. You'd think a chick is banned from TV with her lack of televised performances.

She was reminding me a little of Janet Jackson. I'm not sure what it is which was giving me those vibes. She looked hot though. Crystal's can be quite the fashionista. But she don't get them magazine spreads how Kumi and Ayumi do. (Them shine stealing bitches!!)

A massive thank you to fellow Kuri fan Deela for hooking me up with this video.


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