Crystal makes it hot during her CK10 tour medley

Crystal does the damn thing on her CK10 tour medley | Live performance
Kuri fan teaPaRk knows what I like. Not only did he hook me up with a video of Crystal doing her thing live on her 10th anniversary tour. But a video which features the one thing which always gets J's seal of approval: Poppin' of tha pussay!!

Marvel at swag that I sure as hell didn't know Crystal had, after the jump.

Crystal is killing me. First she reveals that fly body she's been hiding forever in her "Flash" music video. Then she drops a DVD of a tour which shows off her pelvic skills! I really am going to insist she releases a music video for "Victoria" and gives me nothing but hot combed hair thrashing and P-popping for 3 minutes and 50 seconds.

Crystal reminded me hella of Janet Jackson on her DVD cover, but she was channelling her even more with this performance. I think it's the janet. and The velvet rope era style hair that's doing it. In true Janet style; I was hoping a titty would have whipped out when that chick pulled off part of Crystal's dress. But nope.

Crystal's stage game is improving and the dance steps are too. Bitch was keeping up and actually suh-wagging! Okay. So she's no Ciara in the dance stakes. But she did good and looked hot. Plus Crystal has a career in the bag, tours under her belt and actual vocal talent. Ciara can't say the same.

I've not bought this DVD yet. I'm hoping to head back to Japan later this year. (God puh-lease let it happen!!) So my aim will be to pick it up then. Hopefully it'll be in a HMV bargain bin by then. Although I doubt it. CD's don't get slashe din price in Japan how they do in the West. I'm still scared by that sight of Hikaru Utada's Heart station and Namie Amuro's Play on a promotional sale at HMV in Shinjuku a price that made me wonder what exactly got taken off of the price in the first place.

teaPaRk, you know I love you right?


  1. She did such a great job. Thank you, can't wait to get this dvd.

  2. She just p***y popped her way deeper into my heart with this performance.


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