Doo doo money, Eminem and Ursh perform at Le grand journal

Dirty money, Eminem & Usher perform at Le grand journal | Live performances
Diddy's project Doo doo money, Eminem and Usher all dropped performances of their current hits on Le grand journal - all of whom did a great job of getting an other wise sedate crowd on their feet and acting like some groupies. The artists made no attempt to edit their songs what-so-ever neither, and nobody in the gallery seemed to care. So pssscchh, f**k it!

Dirty Money - Hello good morning

"Hello good morning" is a jam. I just can't stand who performs it. Doo doo Money won't last. I hope Dawn has a whole series of Danity Kane on lock down, because home girl will need to be making livings off of them manga's once Diddy drops her. It's not even a matter of if, but when. We know how Diddy be letting artists go for fun. Her and that other chick could not have looked any more redundant if they tried. Diddy's energy made for a cool performance though and randomly: I really liked the jacket he was wearing.

Eminem - Not afraid

I don't like this song. I don't like it at all. Eminem's flow is sick and that hunger is still there. But I'm just not feeling the song. Is anybody else missing the blonde hair? Because weirdly enough, I know I am.

Usher - OMG

Usher always shuts it down when he performs "OMG". This was one of his lower key performances because he didn't have much to work with on stage as far as space, a set and pyrotechnics went. But the dancing was on point. I just love how easy Usher makes dancing look. It's these live performances that keep me checking for Usher, because Raymond v Raymond didn't say shit to me aside from the "Monstar" and "Guilty".


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