Eminem...just kickin' it...on the cover of Respect magazine

Eminem on the cover of Respect magazine
Here's Eminem. On the cover of Respect magazine. Looking a little 8 Mile-ish (i.e - Dull as hell).

I've not been following Eminem much. I was never really that big a fan to begin with. I always liked his songs, but never bought any of his albums or went crazy for him how others did. Of all people it was my Dad who was into Eminem. He knew every song off of The Slim Shady LP word for word, and he used to play that Marshall Mathers LP to death in the car to the point where I'd lay my head down to go to sleep at night and would just hear ♪ My tea's gone cold I'm wondering why-ay...

I've still not even listened to Relapse and I often forget he has a follow up due real soon. Eminem seems so much more sombre now than he did before. No peroxide blonde hair. Less nudity. Less crudity. He still has the crazy talent though, and I guess that the angle now. To let it speak for itself, which is fair enough. You don't really need gimmicks when you have Em's rapping ability and Dr. Dre beats on tap.


  1. Less crudity.

    Perhaps now, but not on The Relapse. He was saying some pretty crazy stuff on a couple of them songs.

    According to him though, this new album will be much, much better than The Relapse. If the new song is anything to go by, old Em' is back. And that's a good thing.

  2. i agree! Relapse was kinda lame... i miss the old em's songs! he's definately on way better form but even "not afraid" doesn't sound like a "great" eminem song, maybe the album will provide some though :P


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