Fantasia's official Back to me album cover

Fantasia - Back to me | Album cover
Jesus. Fantasia actually looks nice on this album cover!? She scrubs up nicely. It looks as though she's finally taking on the advice of her stylists, for now at least. As nice as Fantasia looks on the cover, it is a really boring ass album cover. You wouldn't look twice at this shit if you passed it in a record shop. I think her last album cover was much more striking. And Fantasia's shoot with Derek Blanks a few months back had a nice selection of shots which would have made great album cover shots.

I'm not hotly anticipating this new release, but I know there'll be some gems on it. I still love "It's all good" and "This is me" from her debut and "Uneligible", "Bore me (Yawn)" and "Surround U" from her follow up.


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