The Forehead is the gift that keeps on giving

The Forehead let's it all hang out in Madrid | Photo
You have to hand it to The Forehead. She's the gift that keeps on giving. I feel like I've seen everything of Forehead Fenty but her arsehole. Long brown weaves, short blonde weaves, black bob wigs, naked in silver paint, Road runner hair, with the sides shaved off, titties, vagina, tattoos, a black eye, battered lips, her crack head Daddy selling Connect-4 out of the back of his old Ford at an intersection in Barbados, and now her wearing black saucers on her titties with red hair. Jesus girl, leave SOMETHING to our imagination!

The Forehead is already making headway with her fifth studio album, which those involved are saying is coming along well and that it contains some monster smashes. I've been let down by too many albums that producers and writers were claiming would be like the resurrection of Christ to an old school 90's Timbaland beat that couldn't fail. So I'm just going to wait until I hear the fruits of this new album for myself. The one thing that is guaranteed is that L.A Reid will probably f**k up with the singles. He always does. Good girl gone bad's "Breakin' dishes" not getting a release was more of a crime that Chris Brown dragon punching The Forehead.


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