Gaga drops

Gaga goes down | 'shopped by J ;P Gaga goes down | 'shopped by J ;P

Lady Gaga tasted the floor tiles of Heathrow airport, and when you catch a look at her footwear it's not difficult to understand why. I don't know why the hell a chick feels the need to wear what look like Xbox 360 Elite's put up on their sides under her feet to walk through an airport. An airport! She looks enough of a spectacle dressed in what looks like a Hell's angel fancy dressing as Christina Aguilera in her "Dirrty" video. She didn't need to be wearing them shoes as well. She deserved to drop. Serves a bitch right. She was pretty much asking for it.

Lady Gaga falls in airport while rockin some ridiculous a$s Frankenstein boots @ Bossip


  1. She deserves to fall for that shit. That's just ridiculous. Bitch looks straight outta Rocky Horror Picture Show, with extra emphasis on the horror.

  2. I heard about this!!! So funny.. I mean this stuff only happens to "normal people"

    good post!


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