Hyuna catches fire for actually wearing clothes

Hyuna's 'revealing' outfit | WTF?
4 minute's best pussy popper Hyuna has come under fire because an outfit she wore on stage was deemed to revealing. The outfit in question is the one Hyuna is wearing in the picture on the left. Netizens need to pipe down. I see 13 year old girls out on the street wearing less than that! I'd love to know where were all these prude people were when Hyuna was on her knees in hot pants and knee high boots pussy popping in her "Change" music video. Now THAT shit was kinda bad. I still watched it and liked it, but only a little bit. I mostly thought it was wrong though.

Hyuna defended the accusations by saying...
I think as a singer, one should be able to pull off various types of stage outfits. On the international stage, outfits and costumes are just a part of a performance, but it is sad that in South Korea where the culture is more conservative, outfits like these become controversial. I want to show that I can pull off the concepts on stage. I hope everyone will think of the outfits as just part of the performances.
I do think sometimes these Korean talent agencies forget how young some of these girls are and dress them up 10 years older than they actually are. But I don't think Hyuna is the worst culprit. And nothing she's worn has been any worse than what we've seen before. I don't see how Hyuna wearing a loose fitting top which shows her bra is any worse than Girls generation dressed in minuscule sailor outfits with the legs out in heels.

4minute’s HyunA defends her stage outfit choices @ allkpop


  1. Hyuna is a one great artist she sings and dances, and can rap too, she does sexy moves at a young age but when she wear a shirt like that they start bashing her at least it better than when After school Ga hee dances chris brown in a sport bra and unzipped pants, its okay.


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