Janet gives thanks

I'll take any excuse to post a video of this woman. I just love the bitch. Kudos to her iTunes win with her American idol performance. She deserved it. It was a brilliant reminder of just why Janet has been in the game as long as she has, and that the Jackson blood ain't human.

I can't stress enough how I dig Janet with the short hair. It looks like it's being drowned in Pink moisturiser and S-curl, but I still love it. Somebody needs to fax her a restraining order on weaves. I want my Janet rocking her shit natural. She looks like a bowss with the short hair.

I'm glad Janet's seeing her popularity soar on the down low after a string of flopped albums. Especially in the wake of the news that she's falling out with the idea of releasing them. It's understandable why. It must suck to have three albums tank in a row. Especially when they all featured songs which could have been big hits. The way in which L.A Reid did Discipline is what I can only describe as a crime. "Rock with U" had the potential to be a worldwide smash and get rotation all up in the gay clubs for years. And "LUV" could be a Summer banger every Summer of every year.

I just hope Janet doesn't go and do a Michael. Spending the best part of a decade being here, but not really. It's sad to say, but Michael was pretty much dead before he died.


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