Jennifer runs through the hits at the World music awards

Jennifer runs through a medley of hits at the World music awards '10 | Live performance
The way Jennifer Lopez went on at the World music awards with a 7 minute medley running through all of her hits, you'd swear she was a game staple! But credit to her: she's manage to enjoy a 10 year long music career. (I'm as shocked as you that she's made it 10 years). And there's no escaping the fact Jennifer dropped some good shit back in the day. I went out and bought that J.Lo album the week it dropped and have no shame in that.

Of course, Jennifer mimed this whole entire performance. But she danced her fat ass off and did a great job. Not many women could do what J.Lo did here in heels and after having two kids.

The performance was long and bored the hell out of me. But the dancing was good, and it was nice being reminded of Jennifer's decent songs. It's been a good while since Jennifer Lopez delivered a performance that focused on her strengths, instead of trying to do the whole serious artist thing - because nobody was buying that shit. Especially not after those train wreck performances on Saturday Night Live where she sang like she was tone deaf.


  1. LOL havn't seen those SNL clips! X_X
    The performance was too long so it bored me but at first it was great so i'm not gonna hate lol
    Jennifer needs to go back to her old hood JLO thing thats what people want and ever since she went into other genre's her sales have gone down.
    Your right she danced her ass off though so credit whare it's due!

  2. I think Jennifer Lopez needs to bow out and look after the twins (the kids, not that big ol' booty).

    She's fallen off so HARD since J.Lo. That This is me, back when I was the day, once upon a time or whatever that shit was called when she was f**king Ben Affleck was terrible. "I'm glad" was the only good song on it. (I HATED "Jenny from the block"). And whilst Rebirth had a couple of hot songs, the album stank.

    She needs to just call it a day. It's ironic how her new album Love? has a question mark. Because God knows if it'll ever see the light of day. The only new song of Jennifer's which leaked, that I thought was BANGIN' was "Hooked on you". That song was J.Lo doing how J.Lo should.


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