The Jigga man covers Rolling stone

Jay-Z covers Rolling stone | Photoshoot
Wow. Them lips. ♪ They're too big. They're too wide. They're too strong. They won't fit! ♪ Nah, I'm just playin'. Not the sexiest Rolling stone cover, but Hey! It's Jay-Z. He's a dope rapper, shit loads of platinum albums under his belt and BeyoncĂ© as his wife. Can't nobody else say the same. I'd fortune cookie and Freaky Friday Jay-Z in a heartbeat!

I'm pissed that The Blueprint 3's "On to the next one" didn't blow up as a single. It's my favourite song on the album. When it drops in the club I go on like I'm the flyest thing alive: rapping that shit word for word, fingers in bitches faces and everything! I just don't give a hootnanny. I've even got my own dance to go with that shit and people actually do it with me!

I really would like to see Jay-Z live in concert one day. He always makes a stop in the UK when he's touring, which I love. Clearly everybody else does too, as his shit sells out quick!


  1. honestly, fuck you. this article gave me a massive headache. please choose a new hobby, and never write another blog again.


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