Katy Perry blows on The Graham Norton show

Katy Perry performs 'California gurls' on Te Graham Norton show | Live performance
I was on a sugar high from the summer sweetness "California gurls" was giving me when it dropped about a month back. But I'm over it now. And Katy can take full blame for that. A whack video and one too many weak performances has me close to hating "California gurls" flat out. Check her out, blowing real hard on them popsicles live on The Graham Norton show.

If you're not going to engage the audience or actually perform, then bring a stage spectacle to do what you're not willing to. Otherwise, get the f**k off the stage and siddown.

Katy looked shifty, constipated and as though her mind was somewhere else. Her vocals sounded decent by her low ass standards, but she barely moved and just didn't look as though she was into the performance. You chould have put a chupa-chup on a stool covered in smoke and played the instrumental of "California gurls" whilst some guy in a red 'n white Aussiebum speedo with a pink afro kept flashing a light over it, and it would have been epic compared to this performance.

I really do not know how you're going to have a summer banger on the airwaves bragging about how hot it is to be a Cali girl, and then just stand on stage looking constipated for three minutes. Maybe Russell ain't hitting it right. Or maybe he hit it too right. Either way this performance stank. Kelly was all up in the crowd and on her A-game when she last performed on Graham Norton. Just throwing that out there.


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