Ke$ha performs at Japan's 2010 VMA's and doesn't completely suck!

Ke$ha performs 'Tik tok' and 'Your love is my dug' at the '10 VMA's Japan | Live performance
Ke$ha's live performances are often road kill. Just a mess of hair, glitter and rubbish. But she has been getting better. Something she obviously was out to prove at the VMA's in Japan.

I have to hand it to the skank. She did a good ass job! I know "Tik tok" isn't the hardest of songs to recite live. But Ke$ha still managed to f**k it up in the past, and she certainly didn't here. So props to her! The performance was lacking some serious energy, and the lighting was crap. But the vocals were decent by Ke$ha's standards, she looked pretty hot, and it's clear she's at least trying to be taken some-what seriously.


  1. You see, when Ke$ha actually GROOMS herself and does her hair up all nice, she looks hot as hell. But there were a few problems.


    #2: Ke$ha baby, you have a gigantic stage. USE IT. There was a f**king catwalk and extension to the stage. Not only do we need pussy poppin' and weave thrashin', but we need it all over the stage.

    #3: If you must have a keytar, PLAY IT. If you aren't going to play it, may I direct you to the pussy popping.

    But, overall, I liked it. She sounded kinda like shit, but less shitty than she normally does. Plus, I thought it was really energetic and she looked like she was having fun. PLUS, THE FEATHERS. DEAR GOD, THE FEATHERS. :D


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