Kelly Rowland covers Musicology magazine

Kelly Rowland on the cover of Musicology magazine
Staring at this shot of her for three minutes and forty one seconds would be better than the bullshit that was the un-final edit of "Commander"'s music video.

It's just good to see Kelly appearing on magazine covers and getting so much coverage online. She's never had this much hype surround her before, so it can only be a good thing. I just hope it all keeps up and that we get no more leaks between now and when her third studio album drops in September. I also hope for Kelly's sake that Beyoncé doesn't announce a new album in the next 3 months. Most bitches wouldn't be able to record an album, five music videos, shoot a cover, get that shit mixed and mastered in three months and start rehearsals for a world tour: but Beyoncé could.


  1. am i the only one getting a britney Circus vibe from this?

  2. Hey Guys,

    You can read the full Kelly Rowland interview here >>>


    Cherry ('',) xx


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