Kelly rocks GMTV with a weave that'd make Michael smile

Kelly Rowland performs 'Commander' on GMTV | Live performance
Kelly hit up GMTV with a wig which was so shiny I can see myself and Beyoncé hiding behind my chest of drawers with a butcher knife ready to slash a bitches career to shreds in it. Plus, it's Michael Jackson approved. That once-upon-a-n***a did love a good shiny ass weave. (God bless his soul). Too bad Kelly mimed her performance. Or at least I think she did. We all know how the Destiny's child crew be the queens of fooling with the lip syncing.

GMTV performances are always boring to watch because; well...look at the stage area an artist has to work with! But Kelly did a great job and looked amazing. (Them legs...) She's really coming into her own as an artist, and exuding confidence with her stage presence. Whilst the vocals sounded on point, I think she might have been miming. That 2 minute mark was more suspect than Solange's marriage. It was a solid performance none the less. And this shit was better to watch than the boring ass music video.


  1. I see what you're talkin' about at the 2 minute mark. But sometimes the "artists" throw in a few helpful vocal marks so that it'll sound closer to the recording. i.e. Alicia Keys on BET awards

  2. Yeah the GMTV stage is boring, I wonder what it'll look like in September after the reboot...And yes, I do think she's live with harmonies over the top, but it's hard to make out.

  3. HAHA I love ur Michael Jackson approved comment! MJ did love a good wig. (Bless his talented soul)


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