Kylie puts that sex smoulder on the cover of Shangay

Kylie graces the cover Shangay magazine | Photoshoot
This should have been Aphrodite's album cover. I see what Kylie was going for, with the whole Goddess, euphoric feel; but it was so cheesy to me. Then again I'm not who she was trying to appeal to with that heavenly Greek inspired mess. I'll take Kylie looking a hot bit of business handling totty staring into my eyes for an album cover over some Greek Jehovah'd mess any day.

In more Kylie related news, there's already talk that "Get outta my way" will become a single! I should bloody well hope so. That song has Bitch, release me as a single scrawled all over it in a Sharpie. The second Aphrodite drops, that song will get played to absolute death.

Kylie covers Shangay magazine @ Loft965


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