Lady Gaga in Super Street Fighter IV

Gaga vs. Ibuki | drawn by Patrick Warren
I'm becoming sick to the back teeth of this woman. But this does rock. The artwork looks amazing and this genuinely looks legit. Artist Patrick Warren did an amazing job with this. If you didn't know any better you'd swear Gaga was actually in Super Street Fighter IV. She had the whole of a Best buy product placed in her "Telephone" music video, so what's a video game!?

And as much as Lady Gaga is getting on my nerves, I'd take her over the greasy Turkish man and the chick with the muscled back that Capcom threw into the game.

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  1. That's damn cool.

    GaGa is getting old, I must say. I never really was a fan, but I did like her live performances. She says her new album is done, and it's supposedly different compared to The Fame. She said it's bitter, whatever that means.

  2. If the music on the new album is good, I won't deny it. But I just hope it's not the same ol', same ol' RedOne sounding joints, and that she's stepped up her song writing. An album and a half of elementary sing-a-long's was cool for the novelty factor and getting hits out of a debut. But she's really going to have to give more with this new album to show that she's not just a one trick pony. She can't come any worse than Christina Aguilera's Bionic - which came so badly that it broke records.

  3. Ok, I'm no Lady Gaga fan but this does look cool! The art is splendid and the shading matches the Street Fighter style perfectly.

  4. You're not the only one who is sick of her. She's pissing people off left and right:


    Class GaGa, real classy~

  5. @ Anonymous
    That shit was a joke. Do you think any of us could attend a game dressed in underwear!? Hell no! We'd get escorted off the premises and get charged. So much of what she does now seems desperate to the point where it's all taking away from what people once liked about her.

  6. i completely agree with J, when Gaga first came out i was a stan for her and even said XTina copied her stule at the VMA's but these days as much as people may dislike XTina i still feel that she puts more effort into her music regardless of the results than Gaga does.
    Gaga has turned into a complete fame whore and that's what turned me off her (and the overhype).


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