Leona tributes Michael and swags to "Outta my head" on her Labyrinth tour

Leona Lewis performs 'Outta my head' on her Labyrinth tour stop in Sheffield | Live performance
I wouldn't pay to see Leona Lewis live. As good a voice as she has, I just find her boring. But I'll gladly admire her from afar and the comfort of my own home. Especially if she's dropping live performances of "Outta my head" and working a waist. Or trying to...

Leona's got the moves of an ironing board, but at least she's trying. And watching her get the crowd up on their feet and seeing them respond was really nice. It's rare you get to see this side to Leona, so I'm glad she has a song which allows her to show it. She looked great, sounded great and did a good job! Give her more uptempo, fun material like this and she'll be grinding on her knees and flicking weaves in no time.

I've made no secret of how much I stan for "Outta my head". The song is crack. It should have been a single already. Many hate the song, but I love it and think Leona's does a great job with it. It's just a shame the breakdown section we always get in live performances was not made part of the album version. Curse you Max Martin!!

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  1. Wow, that Michael tribute was awesome. But dear god, that performance. Leona may move like an elephant in a china shop, but bitch knows how to work a stage. And, what she lacks in dancing, she makes up for with actually singing very well (and not oversinging. *COUGHbeyoncechristinaCOUGH*


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