Lollipop bling: The invasion of the body snatcher

Lollipop bling: The invasion of the body snatcher | Photoshoot
I can't even try and pin an era this photo is from. Because it looks like somebody put Mariah's head on somebody else's body. The last two times I recall Mariah being this skinny was during E=MC²: when a chick was pretty much starving herself, and pre-Butterfly when the perms and frizzy hair was making every part of her look skinny and Tommy Mottola was keeping her ass on lock down.

This promo image is a joke. But it's still better than Memoirs of an imperfect angel's cheap, forced sex, six tittied mess of an album cover.


  1. I can't believe they photoshopped out the baby.

  2. They Photoshopped out 90% of Mariah, f**k the baby! *lol*


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