Missy Elliott rocks the stage at VH1's Hip hop honors

Missy Elliott at VH1's Hip hop honors: The dirty south | Live performances
Once upon a time super producer (because let's face it: his work over the past 2 years has been anything but super) Timbaland was honoured at VH1's Hip hop honors. Some miscellaneous people like that dude who wasn't Jay-Z on "Big pimpin'", the n***a that raps about boats on "The way I are" and the chick that sings the hook on it all show live love. But Missy was the main attraction by far. Hearing how crazy the crowd went for Missy is a sign she needs to come back with something this year...

Missy's weave was looking a stanky ass mess. And she forgot to put on some make-up. But she rocked that stage. I have props for any chick who can rock a stage in a black Adidas tracksuit, run about the place, do their thing live and not end up a sweat drenched lump afterwards.

Missy's put on some weight, but I'm not mad. I know Missy's weight loss was something she had to do because of her health, but she was at her best when her ass was seriously overweight. The same goes for Tim. I say the two of them go find a spot that has a Popeye's, a Wendy's and a McD's in close proximity and they hibernate there for 6 months getting their eat on. Tim and Missy's creativity fell off when the weight did. Not just collectively but individually too. They may never get that chemistry back, but at least they left a strong legacy behind. Destiny's child's "Get on the bus" is just one of many Tim and Misdemeanour joints that will never get old for me. And then of course, there's the fire they gave Aaliyah. "One in a million", "4 page letter", "If your girl", "Man undercover", "John Blaze" - pretty much everything but "I care 4 U" was gold.


  1. Aaaaah I remember watching "Big Pimpin" during the last CCD class at my church :')


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