Music video: Benny Benassi featuring Kelis, & Jean-Baptiste - Spaceship

The special effects in this video looked so cheap and I hate the song. It's songs like this that make me look for a seat when I'm in the club. Benny Benassi hasn't hit me with anything I've liked since "Satisfaction". sounds pretty at home on "Spaceship" because there are some dance heavy of this nature which he rides well on The Black eyed peas The E.N.D album. But I'm just not able to fall in line with this new route Kelis has taken. I'm glad it's working for her. She's got herself two fanbases now. The nostalgics (like myself) who continue to have love for her older material and not dig this new shit she's rolling with, but still have love for her doing her thing. And then the newbies who are all over her Fleshtone sound and act like it's Kelis' first ever album. Not many artists could have it like that, but Kelis isn't like many artists. She never really has been. And I guess that's a major part of why she's still around after 5 lukewarm selling albums.


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