Music video: BoA - Woo weekend

I guess BoA's not been keeping on top of those English classes. I'm glad this video featured select subitles. Because BoA's English took dives to the point where I was unsure of whether she was dropping English, Japanese or just nonsense.

This video was cute, but it's one of those watch once, won't ever watch it again videos - of which BoA's been dropping consistently since "Energetic". And I see she's back to having an identity crisis with her style too. I guess her last album didn't clarify a damn thing on any front what-so-ever. With her Engrish debut she went from hood rat to sex kitten, to hood rat with who'd gotten some Jeremy Scott kicks for her birthday and a black home girl who can cornrow a bitches head. And then with Identity she went all grown up, boring, but still sexy. And now she's looking like a 14 year old who went mad with a 30 quid American apparel voucher. I know this shit is tied to Disney, but f**k! Couldn't they have slapped BoA with a little bit of woman in her 20's sexiness!?

And worse still, BoA still looks as though she's phoning in her performances. No amount of flashing teeth and funky shades could hide how fed up BoA seemed throughout this video. Her dance moves weren't even popping how they used to.


  1. You should have seen her perform at the Shanghai Expo. The moves were there, but the lack of energy (and the look on her face) showed that she didn't care.

  2. I feel bad for BoA she isn't into the stuff Avex is making her do which is why she's just going through the motions. The song & vid are cute but they need to let her go off to Korea for her comeback and then come back to Japan feeling happier and more driven.

  3. God, I just can't take it. She seems thoroughly disinterested and broken down. She needs to get the pop in her voice and steps back. At least with Identity she seemed SOMEWHAT passionate. Avex and SM need to stop running her into the ground, because it's clear that she's not gonna be their little cash cow for much longer. I just want quality BoA back.

  4. *LMAO!!* @ "God, I just can't take it. She seems thoroughly disinterested and broken down".

    I felt your pain in those words Sylfi.


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