Music video: The brilliant green - Blue daisy

I wondered what the hell was going on with Tomoko, and if she was going to drop a new Tommy project. But it looks like she's gone back to her group. Or what's left of it. I swear there were more miscellaneous white dudes in this video than Brilliant green members.

I like the song, and the video was nice. But I won't remember it months from now. I was really hoping the group would come back with something a bit more explosive and long lasting.

I'm going to need Tomoko to put on them red framed glasses and go Tommy february6 on my ass NOW! Because I need a new album from her in my life. Tommy airline had some killer cuts on it which I still spin on a good day.


  1. God this is boring. I really don't understand their appeal but whatever.

  2. I've always preferred Tommy february6's material to The Brilliant green's. Tomoko needs to scrap this reform and just drop another Tommy february6 album. I still bump "Lonely in gorgeous" like it's brand new.


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