Music video: Crystal Kay - Flash

Somebody needs to tell me why Crystal has been hiding that body. I mean seriously... Her body is bangin'! I'm going to need other chicks to sit down for a minute. Yes Ciara, that includes you!

I wasn't keen on the video. I've always had an issue with Crystal Kay's videos being boring, un-memorable and doing nothing for the songs. But she did look stunning throughout. It's just a shame she wasn't put through more of a killer routine. A hot routine really could have made this video pop more and have it go down as one of Crystal's better videos. In fact, I still think it is, purely on how hot she looks. Crystal just looks that good.

I love the song though. Crystal sounds like a grown ass woman, and the lyrics were pretty kinky too. It's nice to have a reminder that Crystal is a woman with...desires. My anticipation or Flash just hit Level 3 max.

Did anybody else think Crystal's main guy in this video looked a bit like Rain?

[Update: June 5, 10:24pm Okay. I'm now majorly keen on this video having watched it near enough all day. Crystal's body...]


  1. I saw this on YouTube and almost stopped breathing. She looks stunning! I agree with the dance thing, but she's never been one to work it out, so based on her history I think the dance was tight. And I saw that too! The lead guy does look a bit like Rain, especially when he was strutting down that hallway and gritting his teeth.

  2. OMG she looks great. I think there was just enough dancing and I'm fine with it. She looked liked she was having fun. She's not Janet or Namie so I don't think it pays to try and do some ultra fly routine that in the end wouldn't look that great. I like this video and the song is great. Can't wait to hear more. That guy was pretty cute IMO. :)

  3. Crystal's not the flyest of movers. After I saw her try to hustle steps in the "Namida no saki ni" video, I knew it was a wrap. But she still could have done better with the dancing in "Flash". I wasn't asking for her to make like Janet Jackson's "Rhythm nation". Just have a more of a killer routine. A killer routine doesn't necessarily mean throwing down with dancing. Look at Brown eyed girls' "Abracadabra". That song had a pretty simple routine, but it was KILLER because it was memorable, it caught your attention and demanded you try and mimic some part of it. But most importantly, it made / defined the video. I liked what there was of the dancing in "Flash". I just think there should have been more of it. Although, 2:24 was just POW! That walk damn near killed me. That scene should've opened the video in my opinion. Crystal looked like she was ready to kick ass, take names and snatch some wigs.

    It's funny you mention Namie Amuro, because I don't think she's the best of dancers. She's just good with locking down steps and has that cool / borderline fed-up look that sells it all...somehow. Then there's that hair you just wanna run your fingers through :)

  4. Now that I've watched it like 10 times ^_^ I see what you're saying, a little more dancing would've been nice. I almost did't include Namie in the post because I agree that although she can dance it doesn't seem natural or joyful. Her dancing is not fluid or intuitive like Boa's for example.

  5. I think the one thing we can all agree 200% on is that Crystal looks the BOMB in this video (I had to throw it back with that term ;P). I can't stop watching. That body is correctness!! :D And that WALK at 2:24...


  6. OMG today has been the best ever! i got home and even though it isn't out until the 8th Bionic was waiting for me! and then this X_X
    It's amazing how her label kept the song from getting fully leaked before the video even came out which makes it even more special.
    I agree with j that some better moves woulda been great but honestly this is probably the best she's ever moved and maybe on the next vid she'll take it up a notch.
    YES OMG Crystal was lookimg fiiiiine (throwin it back too! lol) seriously i was not expecting that body! her clothes were awsome too and yeah that walk almost killed me with it's hotness lol
    This is gonna get CK back into the top 5 i think it should be no1 though!
    and the dancers X_X lol

  7. I know I'm repeating everybody sentiments here, but I'll say it anyway. Her body is hot, but it would have been even better if she threw a little more swagger in there. We saw some flashes (pun intended!) here and there (like that sexy ass walk!!!!), but more would have been nice.

    Still, Crystal is HOT and I like the song.

  8. Well I thought the video was nice. The guy reminds me of Rain a lil bit but not that much. Rain is way taller & cuter then that guy in the video. Crystal looked cute & lively. Ican tell she def had fun making this music video. As expected her dancing was shit & dreadful to watch. She needs to have choreographers like: Shane, Wade Robson, Gil Dualaldo,Jamaica, etc; fly over to Japan & help the sista out.

  9. I was hoping after all these years her dance skills would have improved. But I guess miracles don't always happen when you want them to. Looking forward to her new CD though, I'm sure its gonna be good. And another thing that mite help Crystal Kay Williams is some dance lessons from the choreographers I mentioned previously. She needs to fly out to the U.S & take some dance lessons; seriously or pay them extra money to fly to meet her. Cuz whatever she has been & is still doing sucks! If she ever plans on doing a world tour or an American album or both those dance lessons better be done before hand cuz she won't last 5 minutes on stage or in a video for that matter in Los Angeles, New York, or anywhere in the U.S.A. I read in an interview once that she feels that American music fans expect a lot from music artists. Girl you right cuz you as in terms of Crystal is gonna def need to step her game up big time in the dance department. Ciara can dance circles around Crystal Kay under 5 seconds but so can BoA for that matter so thats not sayn much. Crystal Kay has a nice frame but its not voluptuous. Beyonce's body is way more appealing and captivating to watch. If Crystal cleans up her dancing & seeks professional help with that she will be okay. A perfect example of a good singer but horrible dancer music artist Amerie. Overall the video was cool..............smiles

  10. I've caught heat from fans for dissing Crystal's moves and being too harsh, so I'm glad I'm not the only that thinks her dancing sucks balls :P

    You have to admit though: Whilst this isn't the step up you / we were hoping for in the moves department, Crystal did a better job than in "Namida no saki ni". The dancing in that video was DREADFUL. It made me throw up in my mouth a little when I saw it.

    The choreography in this video was okay towards the end. But it felt like a whole songs worth of routine was jammed into the final refrain of the song. I think a routine which was all about poses, poise and position would have worked better than actual dance steps (if that makes sense). Because (as I keep bangin' on about) THAT walk at 2:42 slayed. In fact all the moves around the ♪ Ooh-weee-oh! ♪ sections of the song was actually on point and more of what the whole routine should have been about.

    Crystal's videos always suck in my opinion. They're never memorable. But "Flash" was a nice surprise. It's the only Crystal video I've watched countless times and left a lasting impression other than "This is whack!" Lord knows I'm tired of great CK songs getting shit videos.

    As for her body: I won't take away from the chick. Her body is HOT. I think the thing with Beyoncé is that she's always flaunted her body since day one and accentuated it with her dance moves. Crystal NEVER has. So to see what she was hiding after the best part of 10 years shocked everybody. Plus, she barely ever dances, so she obviously works the f**k out daily to maintain it. Had Crystal taken my advice and p***y popped and got down on her knees a little more, you might have felt different about the body appeal. :P

    But I find something cute and endearing about Crystal not trying hard to sexualize herself like say Ciara did in "Ride". It gives off this vibe that Crystal doesn't quite realize just HOW good she looks.

  11. kinda want her to make a mv for Victoria now lol

  12. I want Crystal to a Koda and Hamasaki and shoot a video for every damn song on Flash including the Intro and Outro. It won't happen. But I would like it to. *lol*

  13. "But I find something cute and endearing about Crystal not trying hard to sexualize herself like say Ciara did in "Ride". It gives off this vibe that Crystal doesn't quite realize just HOW good she looks."

    I agree. You don't have to be so obvious to be sensual or sexy, it's what's not shown that can be sexy, you know the mystery. We are so used to to seeing every damn thing these chicks have got hanging out there, it's so boring. I find her refreshing. As for the dancing, this is video is a step in the right direction.

  14. I have always loved Crystal Kay as the girl next door who just wants to fall in love, but I can not complain about this image change. I knew that Crystal was beauty like no other but I never knew my girl had abs!!!! My jaw literally dropped and did not open for 10 minutes after seeing her in that video.

    I love me some Crystal, but I will chime in and say that she still does not have the choreography down just yet in her videos. I always took this as her being more of a singer than a performer in the same sense that Utada is even if Crystal isn't always as deep. To say that this is her best video, I couldn't agree there because the direction of most of her videos from her All Yours album, namely "Anata no Soba de", "Kitto Eien Ni" and even "Konna ni Chikaku de" were pretty good to me even if there wasn't much dancing involved.

    I can't wait until Crystal finally starts getting the coverage and star treatment that she deserves. She is too talented to be relegated to "B" list status when we have so many vapid cooing banshees filling up the airways. VIVA LA CRYSTAL!!

    As always, thank you J for bring the latest and greatest news from the East and West. I couldn't keep up without you. LOL!
    - Jefferic


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