Music video: JLS - The club is alive

The club is dead with the sound of rubbish. And in this regard, the video matched the song to a tee. If JLS had dropped a music video with some great lighting, cinematography, fly dancing and lots of high energy - I could have been won over and bought into the song. But the video felt stale. There should have been lights, lasers, costume changes, dancing on some white shiny ass floor and at least one n***a in a pair of shades. JLS should have taken their arses to Korea. They would have got hooked up right with a video over there.


  1. How did these guys get a record contract? Auto tune should really be against the law. To many ppl are making a hell of a lot more money than me with this mess. I can sing better than them without auto tune so imagine what I could with that s**t. ^_^!

  2. Oh and the lyrics suck too.


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