Music video: Justin Bieber featuring Usher - Somebody to love (Remix)

A video like this was long overdue. I'm sure those infected by Bieber fever have been wanting a dance heavy video from Justin for a while, and they've now got one. But I can see why he'd avoided them for this long though. His dancing just looks awkward. Like, he's trying hard to mimic Usher and looking an unnatural and stiff ass mess as a result. The editing in the video was cool, but it did get old after a while and looked messy in places.

"Somebody to love" was a song I wanted to like from My world 2.0 the first time I heard it, but Justin's vocals prevented me. Usher on the song makes it a whole lot better because he actually sings on the track instead of whining over the beats how Justin does. This remix is a good look and it wouldn't surprise me if clubs started jumping on this, because the beat does go pretty hard.

I'll be in the Bieber proof bunker if you need me. I know them stans are coming for me with hair pins and kerosene coated scrunchies.


  1. You need to stop giving this little boy airtime, lol!

    It only encourages them.


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