Music video: Katy Perry - California gurls

The sets looked great. The costumes looked great. Katy looked great. The special effects were great. But amongst the greatness, the video was as dusty as sand. How is that!? This video had everything but the one thing it really needed: a catchy and prominent dance routine. I know Katy isn't much of a dancer. Okay, she straight up has two left clubbed feet. But still, she could have handled a better and longer routine, surely?! You cannot be rolling out a Summer smash which is damn near impossible to not dance to and commands a dance routine or a party scene of some sort, then not really feature much of either in the music video.


  1. Watch more of the remix video of Katy Perry featuring Snoop Dogg "California Girls" on My Celebrity Cafe.

  2. this video does have all the ellements to be amazing but i think what ultimately kills it is Katy's lack of personality.
    How many times are we gonna see her wide eyed open mouth sex doll face?! it's old now.
    Snoop killed it as usual though i love him in all that PIMP regalia lmao.
    I can't help thinking Kumi woulda killed this video! ~_~ i would love to see a collaboration between Kumi & Snoop lol


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