Music video: Kelis - 4th of July (Fireworks)

That showed that skank Ke$ha how to do glitter and Native American headresses without looking like some tacky ho. Kelis looked really pretty. The song and video were dustier than the sand it was filmed on though. I think Fleshtone is crap. It sounds like a really bad gay club mix tape. But she's already got more heat behind it than she had for her last three albums, so Go Kelis!

I'm so in love with how Kelis was during Kaleidoscope and Wanderland (a KICK ass album by the way) that I can't get fully on board with this new musical direction of hers. But am glad she's still doing her thing. Even if her career goes to shit, she's still cashing them Nas child support cheques which keep her ass in fake lashes, weaves and fur coats.


  1. I think you should review one of her earlier albums so that more viewers can get the idea of how good Kelis was! It'll help me with Wanderland.

  2. I was thinking that I should, seeing how I've talked up Wanderland in every Kelis post. Such a hot album. It came out the same time Michael Jackson's Invincible did and Kelis' shit was everything Michael's should have been! *lol*

  3. FUTURESTARdelux19 June 2010 at 21:09

    i LOVE this song lmao X_X i've been rinsing it non stop! :p
    Kelis looks SO gorgeous in this video, especially in the gold dress in the deasert and with the pearl hat thing.
    I think this is gonna be big in the UK, since "Acapella" was so big i'm supprised the album didn't chart higher so hopefully this will push up the sales.


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