Music video: Kelly Rowland - Commander

I love Kelly. Really, I do. I probably love her more than I love Beyoncé, and I would steal a wig for that broad if she asked me to. But this "Commander" video was not good. When it kicked off, I thought Kelly was going to swang that ponytail, go diva on a bitch and drop 'n pop that p***y like her album sales depend on it. But no.

"Commander" should have had a MUCH better video. The whole thing didn't even look like it was finalized. There were scenes which looked as though they were missing a special effect or two. And the shots of Kelly vs. Kelly were awful. Her eye line wasn't even matching up and you could see the glow of the green screen on her damn outfit. I honestly feel as though a good song, a chick who is more than capable of bringing the A-game, a choreographer such as Fatima Robinson and a fly ass director like Masashi Muto should have yielded better results. Kelly looked hot. That's really the only good thing I can say about this video.

This shit was so whack that I'm hoping Beyoncé drops a new video for "Radio" just to show a bitch how it's done.


  1. I heard that THIS video isn't the final product.

  2. I'd like to think it isn't. It sure as hell didn't look like it was.

  3. I'm so dissapointed. There shoulda have been a huge explosion when the two Kelly walked towards each other...! Instead we got this bullsh*t.
    Sry but wha the hell is david guetta doing in the's just a production not even a featuring. So unnecessary.

  4. *thumbs down*

    I'm hoping if this 'final edit' drops that it features all the shit this version didn't. But I doubt it. I'd love to be wrong though...


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